Room in Roof Insulation

Room In Roof Insulation


Did you know that a quarter of your property’s heat is lost through uninsulated roofs? Heat rises, so if you want to retain as much heat as possible loft room insulation is essential. At Spray Foam Tech Ltd, we offer warm room insulation solutions for loft and attic spaces so you can enjoy a warmer and more energy-efficient home.

We believe spray foam attic insulation provides the best results. Considering the features of your loft such as original features and sloped ceilings, our loft room insulation locks in heat to maximise energy efficiency gains. Lower energy bills, a more comfortable property and better energy efficiency ratings are just three of the main benefits that you can expect from insulation. Invest in the revolution of insulation today.


Without spray foam insulation, your room in roof will lose a lot of valuable heat. By investing in efficient attic insulation, the loft insulation cost will soon be paid off by providing considerable energy efficiency benefits. The insulation fills the gaps between the joists and behind the new walls of the room. As a result, your loft will no longer be susceptible to temperature changes throughout the year. This saves you money in both summer and winter when temperatures are extreme.

Why Choose Spray Foam Tech?

By choosing Spray Foam Tech for your loft room insulation, you’ll receive a friendly and reliable service and an affordable roof insulation cost. We have years of experience in the industry helping our clients reduce their energy bills with warm roof insulation. We’re a customer-oriented company aiming to provide a quality loft insulation service and we’ve already helped many homeowners improve their property’s energy efficiency.