Passive House Insulation

Passive House Insulation Services

A passive house is a building standard that is completely energy-efficient, comfortable, affordable and ecological at the same time. It is a type of construction concept that consistently and predictably provides a high level of comfort, even in extreme weather conditions. As the highest standard of energy efficiency for homes, a passive house design comes with plenty of benefits including lower energy bills, warmer rooms, cleaner air quality and low maintenance costs.

Passive House Design

The features of a passive house include highly effective insulation, airtight construction, thermal comfort and space heating. In order to achieve a passive house design, the insulation needs to be of high quality and installed correctly. At Spray Foam Tech, we are able to supply low-energy buildings with thermal house insulation that is effective and provides a comfortable indoor climate. 

We can apply spray foam insulation into all envelopes of your home to provide a thermal barrier across the entirety of your property. As part of your passive house insulation installation, we can apply spray foam insulation to your attic, flat roof, cavity walls, under floors and in roofs, to ensure no heat is lost.

Home Insulation Visualisation

Efficient Insulation For Your Passive House

If you’re looking for effective house insulation types, look no further than spray foam. Our team at Spray Foam Tech will install house insulation that is resilient, healthy, economical and environmentally friendly. Making the changes to your home to fit a passive house design can offer energy savings of up to 90%. With these changes, homeowners can soon save money on the cost to insulate a house.

Passive houses can not only save you money in the long run, especially with the rising costs of energy, but they also are surprisingly affordable to begin with. The number of passive house suitable components, such as spray foam insulation, is increasing constantly, making the cost to insulate a house much more affordable.

Passive house designs are a cost-efficient, rigorous and performance-based construction standard that can save you money on energy costs in the long run.