Shipping Container Insulation

Shipping Container Insulation Specialists

You may need to insulate a shipping container for a variety of reasons, and often, people are creating tiny homes from these metal containers. In order to ensure energy efficiency and prevent condensation, it’s important to use the best insulation for shipping containers. Spray foam is one of the most popular types of container insulation allowing you to create a seamless layer of thermal protection.

Seams in your shipping container insulation spray present the potential for heat loss and condensation ingress. Therefore, it’s vital to use professional spray foam insulation specialists to get the job done properly.

Eliminate Condensation With Shipping Container Insulation

It’s important to properly insulate any home with the best insulation, but shipping container buildings present more challenges. Shipping containers are prone to condensation because the unprotected metal provides no airflow, meaning condensation will occur when warm air comes in contact with the cool metal. Metal is also an excellent conductor of heat and cold. This means that during the winter, the container will be freezing and in hot weather, it will be unbearably hot.

Spray foam insulation for shipping containers means that every gap is filled with the expanding foam so there is nowhere for condensation to settle. Insulation spray also helps keep the warmth inside during the winter, and keep the heat out during the summer, to provide the perfect temperature all year round.

The Best Shipping Container Insulation

If you use your shipping container for the storage of valuable items, don’t let damp and mould ruin your goods. By effectively insulating your shipping container you will remove the risk of condensation and extreme temperatures. Insulation spray foam will provide an airtight barrier that will help balance temperatures in both hot and cold climates and help maintain the conditions needed to store and transport goods.

If you’re considering spray foam insulation for your shipping container, look no further than our expert team at Spray Foam Tech.