What is Sucraseal Open Cell Spray Foam?

What is Sucraseal Open Cell Spray Foam?

Sucraseal Open Cell Spray Foam is the UK’s leading insulation material for use in existing homes & new build properties. It is now the UK’s only low density open cell spray foam product that achieves a Class 1 fire rating to BS476: Part 7 when left uncoated. 

This means that Sucraseal can be used in more applications than other types of spray foam insulation.

As the safest open cell spray foam for your home, it is installed in accordance with it’s BBA Certification by approved and accredited installers only. 

Sucraseal is made up of a blend of polymers and blowing agents. The polymers used in Sucraseal are designed to expand when they come into contact with air, while the blowing agents are used to create a foaming action.

This foaming action helps to fill any voids in the surface where the Sucraseal is being applied.

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Advantages of Sucraseal open cell spray foam

The main advantage of Sucraseal over other types of insulation is its high R-value. R-value is a measure of an insulation’s ability to resist heat flow.

The higher the R-value, the better the insulation is at resisting heat flow. Sucraseal has an R-value of 3.8 per inch, which is higher than most other types of insulation. This high R-value means that Sucraseal is very effective at preventing heat loss.

Another advantage of Sucraseal is its low density. Low-density spray foam insulation is less likely to settle over time, which means that it will maintain its insulating properties for a longer period of time.

Where is Sucraseal open cell spray foam used?

Sucraseal is a versatile product that can be used in a variety of applications. It can be used to insulate roofs, walls, ceilings, floors, and any other type of surface that needs to be protected from heat loss.

Sucraseal is also an effective acoustic barrier, which means that it can help to reduce noise levels in a room.

Another application for Sucraseal is as a void fill. Voids are spaces that are not filled with insulation, such as the space between studs in a wall.

Filling these voids with spray foam insulation can help to improve the overall R-value of the wall.

Is Sucraseal Open Cell Spray Foam environmentally friendly?

Sucraseal is a safe and environmentally friendly product. It does not contain any CFCs, HCFCs, or HFCs, which are harmful to the environment. Sucraseal is also non-toxic and does not emit any VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds).

If you are looking for the highest-quality insulation product that is safe for the environment and has a high R-value, then Sucraseal is the perfect product for you.