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With energy costs doubling in the UK in the last year and not likely to decrease in the near future, warehouse owners are looking at ways to reduce their bills. And insulating any commercial property, including warehouses, is a surefire way of doing that. 

Warehouse owners are waking up to the fact that they can make their buildings much more energy efficient while lowering fuel costs and preventing a range of problems that warehouse buildings are prone to simply by choosing the right kind of insulation. 

And Spray Foam Tech are always happy to provide more information about those benefits.

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Warehouse Insulation Benefits

Here at Spray Foam Tech, we don’t hide the fact that insulating your warehouse with spray foam insulation could save you 50% more on your energy bills than traditional forms of insulation. But there are far more benefits to insulating your warehouse than a reduction in your fuel bill. 

So let’s look at some of the key benefits of insulating your warehouse:

 Improve Energy Efficiency

Many warehouses are made from steel or have a steel frame. And they are often uninsulated. This means that temperatures can fluctuate quite significantly. 

By insulating your warehouse, the u-value is lowered and there is greater temperature regulation within the building. This could lower your energy usage and consequently lower your carbon emissions. An added bonus of improved temperature regulation is that it’s beneficial to stored stock and will make the environment more comfortable for workers. 

Improve Structural Stability

Depending on what type of insulation you choose, you could improve the stability of older warehouses. Some forms of insulation are well suited to providing additional structural stability for your warehouse which can increase the lifetime of the building as a usable space. 

Closed cell spray foam insulation is the best option for this as the rigid structure of the cells adds a far higher degree of integrity to your building than most other forms of insulation. 

Add Soundproofing 

If you want to protect the surrounding neighbourhood from noise pollution, insulating your warehouse can help. It will also protect your operatives inside your warehouse if the outside environment is noisy. 

Improve Warehouse Weatherising  

Some forms of insulation can help to protect your commercial property from water ingress by sealing voids and cracks. And as many warehouses are made from metal, some types of insulation can prevent habitual problems with condensation and the mould or mildew that may occur as a result. This can increase the longevity of the building, prevent a loss of stock and make the internal environment healthier for your operatives. 

How to Insulate a Warehouse?

Warehouses differ enormously, so how to insulate a warehouse depends on a number of factors such as the size, building material, usage and age. And as the warehouses are often made from corrugated metal or materials such as cement fibre or asbestos roof and wall sheets (for older buildings), insulating them can be more difficult than other types of industrial or domestic buildings. 

Traditional methods of insulation such as loose-fill, batt and roll, or any pre-manufactured materials are the least effective for a number of reasons. 

Firstly, fibre, wool or insulating board require a steel or timber frame that will need fixing to the warehouse structure. Fixing a frame to the existing structure can create more opportunities for water ingress from the fixtures which can eventually undermine the integrity of the frame or the warehouse structure itself. 

Another issue is that the gravitational pull exerted on traditional materials means they can be dislodged and its effectiveness is significantly reduced. Warehouse roof insulation is a prime example of this. And neither traditional forms of warehouse wall insulation nor that used for warehouse roof insulation will offer any structural support. 

By far the quickest and most effective warehouse insulation option is spray foam insulation. 

Best insulation types for warehouse ceilings & walls

Closed cell spray foam is widely considered the best solution for warehouse insulation. The foam can adhere to any surface without the need for a frame and the effects of its better thermal performance are felt immediately.

Because of its adhesive properties, spray foam is also the best choice for warehouse ceiling insulation. And unlike traditional insulation materials which leaves gaps through which air can escape, closed cell spray foam expands up to 20 times its own size to seal voids and cavities.  

Spray foam offers the same benefits for warehouse wall insulation. And let’s not forget warehouse door insulation to lower the u-value even more.  

When installed by experts, the closed cell foam spray creates a seamless layer of insulation in your property. It can help to weatherise your warehouse and because of the rigidity of closed cell spray foam, it can also offer older buildings better structural support.  

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Spray Foam Insulation for Warehouses

Spray foam insulation for warehouses really is the perfect insulation option. And as many warehouses are made from steel sheets, closed cell spray foam is perfectly suited because these structures do not require the breathability of the open cell foam. Plus, it can be used in most environments, even in temperatures of -10°C.

Not only this but spray foam offers arguably the neatest finish when applied to a warehouse interior. Whilst open cell foam can be used in warehouses and commercial buildings, we believe closed cell could offer greater protection against any structural damage, leaks or degradation. But please contact Spray foam Tech to find out more about which spray foam insulation type would work for your warehouse.

Warehouse Insulation Cost

As warehouses can vary greatly, there’s no way of accurately predicting the cost of your insulation needs without arranging a pre-installation survey. Factors such as the size of the warehouse, the building’s condition, the materials used in its construction, its location and the surrounding environment, or any special requirements, can come into play. 

Before giving an estimate, it is important to contact a qualified installer to assess the area that needs insulation. So to arrange a survey with Spray Foam Tech get in touch today.

Spray Foam Tech want every business to succeed and insulating your warehouse is an important factor in saving your company money on future fuel costs. It’s an added bonus that with spray foam insulation, we can also help lessen your company’s environmental impact and make your warehouse a more comfortable and stable environment for your workforce.

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