Commercial Spray Foam Insulation

Commercial Spray Foam Insulation

At Spray Foam Tech we’re on a mission to help as many businesses as possible make commercial buildings as energy efficient as possible. And your business can benefit too by using commercial spray foam insulation in your property.

With soaring fuel costs and an increased requirement to maintain responsible insulation standards, commercial property owners are sometimes learning too late that their buildings are not energy efficient. And if that’s you, you won’t be alone. 

Many business properties in the UK lack adequate insulation or are using less efficient methods of insulation. And because of this, temperature regulation is a real concern. But don’t worry, there’s a solution. With spray foam insulation, you can revolutionise your commercial space and lower your energy bills by up to 50%.  

Since the 1980s, spray foam insulation has been used extensively in commercial properties, but with improved technologies, it’s better than ever. And because of its multiple benefits, spray foam insulation is a frequently required element on new builds. 

What’s more, spray foam insulation can be used on any size of commercial project from shipping containers to warehouses, and shopping centres to luxury apartment complexes. It’s an incredibly versatile product that can meet most commercial insulation needs. 

But let’s look at what makes commercial spray foam insulation so essential for existing commercial properties or planned building projects. 

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What are the benefits of Commercial Spray Foam Insulation?

Here we’ll take you through the many benefits of spray foam insulation when used in commercial environments. 

Increased thermal performance 

One of the most important and money-saving aspects of using spray foam insulation is its thermal performance, especially when compared with traditional forms of insulation.  

Because of its lower thermal conductivity in comparison to many other types of insulation, commercial spray foam meets modern building regulation standards regarding the energy efficiency of your commercial building. The closed cell foam used in many commercial insulating projects has a higher R-value (thermal resistance) and lower U-value (thermal transmittance). This means it has a much better insulating performance than other forms of insulation. 

Fire Resistance

The Closed Cell Insulation, which Spray Foam Tech use for commercial properties, is the UK’s leading cell spray. What’s more, it achieves a British Class 1 [BS476:Part 7] fire-rated low-density foam and Class 0 [BS476: Part 6] flame spread. So it offers an added layer of confidence when considering potential fire hazards and for insurance purposes for your property.  

Air Barrier 

Because of the density of the cells in commercial spray foam and its superior sealing capabilities, it offers an effective air leakage barrier. This means you can control the airflow to and from your building more consciously – it’s particularly useful if you have an air-conditioned environment. 

Noise reduction

While open cell spray foam is better at absorbing and reducing sound, closed cell spray foam insulation has some soundproofing qualities. 

 Improved Air Quality

By controlling what comes into your commercial space, you can control your air quality more effectively. By harnessing the effective sealing capabilities of commercial spray foam insulations you are keeping pollutants out of your property. And by plugging air leaks you can stop the unwanted entry of things such as dust, dirt, allergens, mildew and mould spores as well as certain chemicals. Cleaner air can have a hugely positive impact on the occupants of your building or the property contained within. 


Many commercial properties are prone to problems with moisture and condensation. This is usually down to poor insulation. The answer is polyurethane spray foam insulation retro-fitted to your property if it is older, or installed as part of your building project to ensure you have a condensation-free environment. This commercial spray foam also repels moisture so it can help waterproof your structure and prevent mould growth. 

Prevent Pests

Unlike other insulation materials commercial foam insulation is better at deterring pests, such as mice, rats and insects. This is partly down to blocking obvious places for pests to gain entry but also means they cannot detect drafts which signals a gap for them to use. Commercial spray foam is much denser than almost any other type of insulation and creates a strong barrier that most pests cannot penetrate. 

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Commercial Spray Foam Insulation Applications

Almost any commercial property you can think of will benefit from commercial spray foam insulation whether from the closed or open cell spray foam varieties. And as it can be applied to almost any surface, such as metal, wood, breezeblock and brick, asbestos sheeting, and concrete, its flexibility speaks for itself.  

Whether it’s retrofitted to existing buildings or incorporated into new buildings, spray foam is a surefire way to insulate effectively. And so many building types can benefit, such as: 

You can see from this list that commercial ceiling spray insulation is a great fit for all sorts of properties and spaces. 

Commercial spray foam insulation cost

Commercial spray insulation costs naturally vary depending on the property type. And will depend on your commercial spray foam insulation contractors – each product and service differs. 

Of course, they’re many factor that affect the price, so we’d recommend asking for a quote for the most accurate pricing for your commercial property. 


For the best return on insulation investment, commercial spray foam is the way to go. We’ve taken you through the many benefits for your property but let’s not forget the human factor. 

Your workforce, livestock, or your general stock are all going to benefit from a less drafty, damp or cold environment. Productivity is likely to increase, or you may find a reduction in sickness or loss of stock are just some of the additional benefits we haven’t mentioned.

These benefits and lower energy costs are going to make installing commercial spray insulation worthwhile. And, of course, the bottom line is that lower costs mean increasing your profit margins and that can only be a good thing for your business.


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