Spray Foam Loft Insulation

Spray Foam Loft Insulation

Spray foam loft insulation is the simple yet most effective way to reduce the amount of heat and energy that escapes from your roof.

Loft insulation is a must. Traditional methods, however, are often ineffective because they can leave gaps through which air can escape, reducing the effectiveness of the insulation.

Spray foam insulation, on the other hand, can expand to up to 100 times its original size and fill every corner of a room or building to ensure it is tightly sealed.

By filling all cavities and voids, it can deliver up to 50% greater energy savings compared to other insulation products.

Spray foam loft insulation is what you need, whether you want to renovate an old structure or insulate a brand-new one. 

Spray foam loft insulation

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Spray Foam Loft Insulation Types

Open Cell Spray Foam: Open cell can expand up to 100x its original size once applied, resulting in the foam covering hard to reach areas that traditional insulation cannot. Due to the trapped air inside the cells, it have a tendency to be more ‘spongy’.

Closed Cell Spray Foam: Closed cell spray foam insulation is more rigid than open cell insulation and prevents air or water from entering the properties walls. As a result of closed cell’s high density, it structural integrity to the building and adds support to the structure.

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Spray Foam Loft Insulation Any Good?

Spray loft insulation has the advantage of being robust, which gives the house’s structure additional integrity.
The loft will be better protected from water, since spray foam will fill the cracks appropriately.
Some of the most significant advantages of spray foam insulation are listed below…

Cooling And Heating

Uniquely, spray foam insulation can fit directly into even the smallest cracks. Once the foam has been sprayed on to the cracks, it spreads out and dries quickly, blocking both air and water from entering the wall as it does so.
In addition to this, it traps both hot and cold air. Spray foam insulation can help you save money on heating costs and can better insulate your home from the chilly air that enters throughout the winter.
You will ultimately save money on your expenses if you invest in the proper spray foam insulation. This means that the spray foam loft insulation cost can far outweigh the savings you will get from it. 

Reducing Noise

The last thing you want to deal with when moving into a new home is the noise pollution outside. From children playing outside too late or too early, to the loudness of the neighbours next door.
You’re going to be driven crazy by your rowdy neighbours, speeding trucks, and even the constant crowing of the seagulls, but spray foam insulation will keep you from being bothered.
More than any other available insulation, spray foam insulation will reduce noise.

Decreased Allergens

Did you know that a lack of insulation is the primary cause of many of the allergens from the outside that fly inside the house?
The decrease of pollen and other allergens entering the home through the walls is one of the main advantages of spray foam insulation. The air cannot enter the walls because spray foam insulation fills in all of the gaps and fissures.
You can suffer less during the spring and reduce sneezing by lowering the allergens in your home!

Reducing Pests

Spray foam insulation can fit into even the smallest gaps and crevices in a house’s walls.
Additionally, you keep small insects and bugs from entering inside the house when you install spray foam insulation in the walls. 
As a result of loft spray foam insulation, there are fewer infestations inside the home, fewer opportunities for illness due to droppings inside the structure, and no waste is left lying around the property.

Prevention Of Mould

No matter how much rain there is outside, any insulation made of spray foam will keep moisture from penetrating the house’s walls.
Many homes struggle with rising damp, but this may be avoided with the correct spray foam insulation.
If a place is properly insulated with spray foam, no mildew can grow there. Mould dangers inside the house decrease as less water penetrates the wall.
If you don’t take greater care with the spray foam insulation in the home, you’ll find that the house is covered with mould, which can cause serious problems in the walls of the structure.

Sound Structure

Did you know that if you opt to use spray foam insulation, your home will be more durable?
Because spray foam insulation is so dense, the structure of your home can be strengthened by using it as insulation.
There are many rules and building norms that a house must abide by, but these rules don’t take into account how natural events can affect a dwelling.
When a home or commercial structure is planned, it must meet a minimum load bearing standard, and this can be impacted by powerful winds and a lot of snow. 
The same way strong glue ties things together, spray foam insulation penetrates fractures to hold everything together.

Insulation That Will Last

The ability of spray foam insulation to last a very long time is one of its main advantages.
Despite being one of the most popular options available, traditional insulation like Fibreglass is not a long-term answer because it deteriorates with time.
There are numerous advantages to spray foam loft insulation, and they all work to significantly improve the way your home operates.
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