Traditional Insulation

Traditional Insulation

We specialise in spray foam insulation in order to create the best results, but we can also install a wide range of traditional insulation solutions into loft/roof spaces. 

We can provide fibreglass and PIR insulation, while also installing some foil-based products.

A building’s heat can be lost in a variety of ways, and air leakage is one of the main culprits. Infiltration due to insufficient insulation is also a reason for it to happen.

If you need loft insulation, sound insulation, or anything remotely similar, then traditional insulation can play its part. 

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Traditional Insulation - Fibreglass Insulation

Fibreglass Insulation

In terms of the traditional insulation we can provide, fibreglass insulation is a standard option.

It’s a material that is made mainly of glass in order to trap air and slow the transfer of heat.

Fibreglass insulation is flexible, fire retardant, eco-friendly, and can cancel out a decent amount of noise. 

PIR Insulation - traditional insulation

PIR Insulation

PIR insulation is used in wall cavities, but also metal panels. It can also be used as a plasterboard, too.
PIR has a high thermal performance. It’s durable, can work in all kinds of jobs, is resistant to pressure, and is dimensionally stable. 

Foil-Based Insulation

With an array of foil-based products, your property can be kept toasty in a different style. It’s super-effective in warm climates where it can also keep buildings cool.
Foil-based Insulation products don’t degrade over time from absorbing moisture or disintegration. 
It’s a lightweight and thin material, so there’s no real bulkiness to it – and it’s simple to install with less safety equipment necessary. It’s a non-toxic form of insulation, too. 

Spray Foam vs Traditional Insulation

Our spray foam work is our bread and butter, and we specialise in this as it is more effective.
Traditional insulation is a lower cost solution, however can leave gaps through which air can escape, reducing the effectiveness of the insulation.
Spray foam insulation, on the other hand, can expand to up to 100 times its original size and fill every corner of a room or building to ensure it is tightly sealed.
By filling all cavities and voids, it can deliver up to 50% greater energy savings compared to other insulation products.

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