Case Study: New Build Home Insulation


For new build homes, insulation is a crucial aspect of construction. It determines the energy efficiency, comfort, and even the long-term durability of the property. This case study revolves around a new build home project in Surrey that sought the services of Spray Foam Tech to provide an optimal insulation solution.


The major challenge with this new build home was to guarantee that the insulation would be efficient, durable, and provide a comfortable living environment for future occupants. 
Another factor to consider was the need to adhere to the latest building regulations concerning energy efficiency, thus requiring a high-performance insulation solution. Additionally, the insulation needed to be installed in a way that it did not compromise the speed of the overall construction process.


Spray Foam Tech proposed spray foam insulation as the best fit for the new build home. Notably, spray foam insulation can expand up to 100 times its original size, enabling it to fill every cavity and void in a room or building, thus ensuring a tightly sealed environment.
The team from Spray Foam Tech collaborated closely with the construction crew. This collaborative effort ensured that the spray foam insulation was applied at the most appropriate stage of the construction process, to avoid any delays or interference with other construction activities.


The spray foam insulation proved to be an exceptional solution for the new build home. It provided an airtight seal, eliminating any gaps or cracks that could lead to heat loss. As a result, the property achieved a high level of energy efficiency, significantly reducing heating and cooling costs and providing a comfortable indoor environment.
In addition, the property complied with all relevant building regulations concerning energy efficiency, thanks to the superior thermal performance of the spray foam insulation. The construction process proceeded smoothly without any delays attributed to the insulation installation, underscoring the compatibility of spray foam insulation with new build projects.
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This case study showcases how spray foam insulation can contribute positively to new build homes, delivering significant energy savings, ensuring compliance with building regulations, and supporting a swift construction process. 
Spray Foam Tech, with its commitment to providing high-quality, efficient, and tailor-made insulation solutions, continues to help create homes that are not just buildings, but comfortable, sustainable, and energy-efficient living spaces.
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