Case Study: 29+ Schools Across Hampshire and Berkshire


Sucraseal open cell spray foam insulation is a popular choice for schools due to its superior insulating properties and safety features.
Sucraseal is revolutionising the spray foam industry, combining cutting-edge performance with the health of the environment at the core of its formulation. It is now the UK’s only low density open cell spray foam product that achieves a Class 1 fire rating to BS476: Part 7 when left uncoated. Providing the ultimate insulation for energy efficiency, comfort, and indoor air quality. It is quickly becoming the most popular choice, with additional endorsements from EnergyStar for outstanding energy efficiency.
In this project, we worked with 29+ schools across Hampshire and Berkshire, including Stoke Park Junior School, Shamblehurst Primary School, Marchwood Junior School, Brockhurst Primary School, and many more.


Our goal for this project was to provide the schools with a reliable and effective insulation solution that would help them save energy and reduce their carbon footprint.


To achieve this, we applied 150mm thickness of Sucraseal to a flat roof surface in each school, achieving a 0.20mk2 U value.
Moreover, the insulation material eliminated the risk of surface condensation year-round, thus preventing damp and mold issues that could affect the health of students and staff. We also insulated the cavity walls in some of the schools to provide them with additional protection against heat loss.
Sucraseal is made from a unique blend of natural oils and resins that create an open cell structure, which allows air to flow through the material. This not only helps to regulate temperature but also prevents moisture build-up that can lead to mold growth and other health issues. The insulation material is also Class 1 fire rated, making it a safe choice for schools.


Our team of specialist installers worked closely with each school to ensure that the insulation was applied correctly and to the highest standards.
We understand the importance of keeping schools safe and comfortable for students and teachers alike, and we take pride in providing a reliable and effective insulation solution that delivers on its promises.
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Sucraseal insulation has proven to be an excellent choice for schools looking to reduce their energy consumption and carbon footprint.
With its superior insulating properties and safety features, Sucraseal insulation provides schools with a reliable and effective insulation solution that helps them to save money on energy bills while also creating a safe and comfortable learning environment for students and teachers alike.
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