Commercial Insulation

Commercial Insulation Contractors

Commercial spray foam insulation is a great solution for many building types. It is used extensively in the industrial and commercial markets for insulation and condensation prevention. We can apply spray foam insulation in factories, warehouses, industrial units, workshops, retail and storage units and car parks. Commercial spray foam insulation can be applied to almost any surface such as metal, wood, concrete, asbestos sheeting, breezeblock and brick.

Commercial Spray Foam Insulation

When using spray foam insulation for your commercial property, you will experience many benefits. Commercial insulation is able to insulate for heat conservation, energy efficiency, soundproofing, structural integrity, water prevention and sustainability. We recommend spray foam for a variety of commercial properties because of its superior capabilities as well as ease of application.

Spray foam insulation can be applied quickly to large areas because the foam expands and fills any small gaps. This ensures airtight insulation – reducing condensation, risk of mould growth and improving temperature control in the building. Both Open-Cell and Closed-Cell foam can assist water resistance and structural integrity.

spray foam loft insulation

Protect and Preserve Your Commercial Buildings

Whether you need warehouse insulation or barn conversion insulation, at Spray Foam Tech, we are able to provide you with an expert service to efficiently apply a thick layer of thermal spray insulation to your commercial buildings. In older buildings, spray foam can also be used to encapsulate asbestos insulation to improve safety in the workplace.

Our insulation contractors at Spray Foam Tech will apply the foam in liquid form directly onto surfaces to allow the insulation to seal all air leakage. This will reduce heat loss, cut down on carbon emissions and save you money on energy bills.

Why Choose Spray Foam Tech?

We are a UK business with years of experience as insulation contractors. Working closely with our clients, we are committed to helping you reduce your properties energy consumption by up to 50%. Our team has experience with both residential and commercial projects meaning we have experience in a broad range of buildings including car park insulation, corrugated roof insulation and barn conversion insulation.