Case Study: Swimming Pool & Gym Building


A customer had recently constructed a swimming pool and gym on the ground floor and had installed 500mm thickness of fiberglass insulation to meet building regulations.
The U-value achieved in the project was 0.10mk2, which was considered low. However, despite this, the customer experienced major condensation issues.


The customer’s assumption was that increasing the thickness of insulation would solve the issue, but it turned out that not all insulation products perform the same, and the problem was with the lack of airtightness of the installed insulation.
The Fiberglass insulation was unable to retain the heat on the ceiling levels, causing warm air to escape into the cold roof, resulting in major condensation on the roof structure and breathable felt. Although the building had 12 ventilation points, it failed to address the problem.
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The customer contacted Spray Foam Tech, who removed all the Fibreglass insulation from the ceiling levels and covered the speakers, wiring, and lighting to protect them.
Spray Foam Tech applied 100mm of closed cell spray foam insulation into the ceiling levels to achieve an effective and airtight insulation system.


Within 48 hours, the major condensation issues were solved, giving the customer full peace of mind.
The closed cell spray foam insulation provided a completely airtight seal, preventing warm air from escaping into the roof and causing condensation.
The customer was happy with the solution and relieved that the issue was resolved quickly and effectively.
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This case study highlights the importance of choosing the right insulation product that suits the specific needs of the building. It also emphasises the importance of proper installation to ensure that the insulation provides an airtight seal.
Closed cell spray foam insulation is an effective solution for preventing condensation issues and providing an airtight seal, giving customers peace of mind.
This job has been specified by Jason Kater from Thermofoam and installed by Spray Foam Tech
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